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1000 mile review of the Omnia tyres by Ere Research

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Quality 9.5
Performance 9.5
Value for Money 7.5

It’s not often a unique manufacturer appears in the world of cycling with such a wide range of choices. Ere Research are setting themselves on the road to success with some of the highest performing tyres available. Their attention to detail and performance prove they’re a Swiss company who pride themselves on quality. They even have Fabian Cancellara on their development team! Read More >

PROS: Exceptional performance in a variety of conditions, with very good comfort and rolling.

CONS: High price will put many off.


The Omnia is a very well made performance road tyre, and so it should be considering it show off the Swiss flag on it’s sidewall. There’s no doubt whatsoever that these are a very well made tyre designed for peak performance and durability, every detail of these tyres is superb.

As soon as you receive the tyres, the box and presentation ooze quality. In each box you will find the Omnia tyre, an inner tube and an Ere Research valve extender, as well as stickers and a leaflet.

The tyre quality is extremely good with a nice compound being used for the grip. The tyre features a 120 tpi casing and light weight Armis 1 flat protection, as well as a pronounced tread for riding a variety of dry & wet weather conditions. They weigh in at 217g each for a 26mm tyre which is impressive compared to your equivalent mainstream brands at 25mm sizes.

Depending on your rim width, they sit true to size without being too large or small compared with their stated size.

Mounting the Omnia clincher to most clincher rims/wheelsets is very easy and they sit nicely against the rim thanks to a strong tyre bead.

Comfort is one of the highlight of these tyres… After completing a 125 mile coast to coast ride in one day, the tyres provided a superior level of comfort compared to most other brands. I always ride with 100psi in the rear and found the tyre sidewalls gave a lot of flex and bounce which added a little more comfort than normal. This is something we like about the Pirelli P-Zero Velo’s which share very close characteristics to the Omnia tyres in regards to comfort. The comfort levels are so good, you feel as if you are riding on 20psi less than what’s in them.

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Once we got the tyres scrubbed in, the superb grip became apparent. With each ride, confidence grew and grew until in the end, we could confidently flick the bike around bends and switchbacks without any fear of losing grip. The unique sidewall diagonal pattern appears to provide some added grip when you hit uneven tarmac or damp surfaces, which is great for those unpredictable days out in the saddle.

Grip and hold on tarmac is very good with very little tyre wear. After 1000 miles, the rear tyre has only just started to lose it’s manufacturing casing line down the centre of the tyre. We would expect to easily see 5000 miles+ on these tyres before they would need replacing (as long as they dont get damaged).

The rolling resistance seems on par with most other high end tyres, however we would be interested to see this put to the test by someone like bicyclerollingresistance.com. Because the tyres have a lot of flex in the sidewalls even at high pressures, their ability to soak up and dampen road bumps and noise may make them one of the best low resistance tyres on the market… possibly?

Puncture protection seems to do an extremely good job. After riding well over 1000 miles on them we can honestly say we have not had one puncture, and that’s even with using an extra light Schwalbe inner tube inside them. The tyres show no signs of cuts or delamination, and have held up well against some pretty challenging routes.

Overall they perform exactly as they should for a high performance tyre at this price point.

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Value for Money

Swiss quality is renowned for coming with it’s own price tag… priced at £62.99 each! they’re not a cheap tyre for your average rider. You can almost buy two top-end mainstream tyres for the same price. They do come with an inner tube and 40mm valve extender if that’s any extra value! This will no doubt put many off from even contemplating the Ere Research range of tyres, including the Omnia, which is a real shame as they offer some of the best performance we’ve experienced in a road cycling tyre.

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Final Verdict

Performance is excellent and comfort is supreme… we love the Omnia tyre and would love to see more from Ere Research, but price will unfortunately quickly empty your wallet. They’re an ideal choice for your top end super bike, but are far too expensive for your average daily ride.

Velo Insider Rating 8 8


Ere Research


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