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3/4 Bib Short for Men by Isadore Apparel

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Value for Money 9.0

Being neither tights or shorts, the 3/4 bib has become a love or hate subject for many including ourselves. We recently tested the new 3/4 bib shorts by Isadore Apparel and after some debate our opinion has not changed… read more to find out what we think.

Size on review is a Medium.

PROS: Superb quality Italian fabrics, very comfortable chamois, nice design and looks

CONS: 3/4 length is not for everyone

Quality and Comfort

As with every item we have ever tried from Isadore Apparel, quality is superb! The choice in Italian thermo lycra fabrics makes these a very special looking pair of 3/4 bib shorts, they feature some very nice textures and styling. For us, the fabric choice is the highlight of these bib shorts, they look fab!

These shorts feature a perforated lycra which defies the fact they are a pair of winter bibs, yet the design allows your muscles to stay warm and breath away sweat at the same time.

The straps and bib areas fit well with no noticeable areas of concern, they’re sized very well for comfort and the traps have a good shape and width to prevent any discomfort.

The chamois is a good size without feeling too bulky, which is great considering it is designed as  along distance chamois.

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The Italian thermo lycra fabrics used in these bib shorts are extremely good at keeping you warm, comfortable and ventilated. The inner lycra features a lovely brushed soft touch fleece to keep you insulated in colder weather.

The shorts perform extremely well by remaining breathable and comfortable in a variety of conditions. The ventilated knee areas also provide good breathability for your legs.

The chamois pad does a very good job at keeping you comfortable during longer rides and performs as a long distance chamois should.

What is also noteworthy is the ‘DWR’ treatment which repels water and dirt, it certainly did well at preventing a light shower to soak the shorts to any level of discomfort.

But our opinion on the purpose of a 3/4 bib short will not change in the fact we don’t see any need for an item that’s neither a tight or a short. If it’s cold enough to need 3/4 bibs, you might as well be wearing full length tights, and if it’s too warm for tights then it’s back to shorts for us. We just can’t get away with 3/4’s, sorry Isadore!

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Size and Fit

Size is MEDIUM and fit extremely well in all areas. The upper bib area fits your body well with no loose areas of mesh or fabric.

The Medium is designed to fit an 80-85cm waist and fit my 80cm waist extremely well. No need to size up or down, although you might want to consider the size may change the leg length slightly.

However… and this is where our opinion will never change… unless you have the right leg shape and length, those 3/4 leg cuffs rarely stay in place. We found that while riding the cuffs repeatedly wanted to ride upwards and cause bunching up around the back of the knee area. This cause a lot of irritation and left me feeling like I wanted to stop every five minutes to pull them back down.

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Value for Money

Priced at £145.00 they come in at an average price for top quality bib shorts made with high quality Italian lycra’s. You certainly get a lot of quality and attention to detail for the price. The chamois itself is a great choice for shorts in this price bracket.

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Final Verdict

Although 3/4 bib shorts are not for us, there are plenty of manufacturers producing them, so there must be more than enough cyclists buying them. If you like your 3/4’s then these are a great choice. They provide superb quality, great performance and look stunning!


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