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Amalfi Nutrition

Hi I’m Murray, founder of Amalfi.

It all started in June 2017 when a few friends and I rode from London to Paris in under 24 hours in aid of charity. To prepare I would ride on weeknights and weekends to train for the ride. I opted to use traditional energy bars which I soon found were causing me huge spikes in energy levels followed by the dreaded ‘bonk’. Added to this I felt exhausted and achy for days afterwards. It was starting to make my rides more challenging and less enjoyable.

For the charity ride I had nowhere else to turn for fuel besides off the shelf energy bars.  Around 9 hours into the ride I was feeling jittery, running on a simple blend of sugar and carbs. The bars took their toll on my body, damaging my stomach lining and almost costing us success. The experience made me aware of the severity of the nutritional issues faced by cyclists.

I’m a guy who likes to take my health and well-being seriously. I was surprised to find very few all natural products designed for health conscious cyclists. Speaking with both guys and girls I found that plenty of us were in the same boat. There was something missing and I became determined to make a difference.

Getting together a team of leading nutritionists and wellbeing specialists alongside some of the UK’s top cyclists, we began to develop the ideal nutrition bars for health conscious cyclists, just like me. Over time we tested with both professional and amateur cyclists to find the ideal blend to give your body what it needs at every stage of the ride.

During testing, a couple of friends and I cycled through Italy with great success. Experiencing the the natural beauty, culture, climate and feeling of the Amalfi Coast in particular inspired the look, feel and name of the brand we see today…




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