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An American pedigree road bike that oozes style & performance

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The ‘Alpha’ road bike by Allied Cycle Works is a true American made beauty that not only looks fast but delivered blistering performance & efficiency ou ton the road. Their unique carbon frameset is handcrafted in America to provide a stiff and responsive ride for all levels of cycling and racing. This lightweight sports bike offers professional cyclists as well as amateurs and enthusiasts a race spec, tour level bicycle that is truly unique. Available in a variety of sizes and specs, the Alpha can even be customised to your own personal paint colour scheme, providing a very individual bike that’s made just for you, now that’s something very special!

The Alpha is a top contender that can stand up to any competitor in its class, ALFA is a racing bicycle that you can ride all day long. It’s the bike you will always want to grab, because it just feels right, and because it delivers a new and exciting experience every time.

The ALLIED ALFA is available in an industry-leading 12 sizes: 49, 49+, 52, 52+, 54, 54+, 56, 56+, 58, 58+, 61 and 61+. The “+” designates a 2 cm taller head tube height that raises the front end slightly to allow for a more natural position for less flexible riders.

After more than a decade of changing bottom bracket standards, we are happily back to BSA. No more creaking, easy to service and just as light as any other bottom bracket standard. Your mechanic will be thankful.

Super Light… The ALLIED ALFA weighs only 875 grams for a 56cm frame in our “naked” finish. This puts the ALFA in an elite class of premium frames.

Make it yours… Personalization is no longer a luxury. It is a modern requirement for premium products. You can have just about anything made specifically for you. At ALLIED, it’s more personal than that. It’s not just about the bicycle; it’s about the ride, and it’s about why you ride. We ride in a spirit of total freedom with an inherent connection to other riders. When you see another ALFA, it’s a handshake, a nod; this rider gets it, like you, he or she values beauty and utility, originality and authenticity, individuality and community.



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