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Apparel that’s considerate of the environment? Check out 53×11…

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Being cyclists we’re already aware of the beautiful world that’s out there, the open road, rolling hills, panoramic countryside and stunning views from the peaks. Therefore we care about the world we ride in! 53×11 are a company who also care by sourcing their clothing from an environmentally friendly manufacturer.

All 53×11 cycling clothes are handmade in Italy in a small family owned factory.

They produce all their products with a “low as possible” environmental impact in mind. They use only electricity from their own solar panels and only use water-based colors for the sublimation of the clothes. The clothes are cut with minimal leftovers and all that gets cut off they send to a local producer of thread that turns it into new fabric, this is made non-profit by the factory.

We make sure that all the workers in the factory gets a union-set salary and have the best benefits. If the workers aren’t happy they won’t make us happy with excellent clothes.




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