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Arrueda was born in 2014, with a unique and daring style. Created by athletes and athletes looking for something exclusive, personal and quality. With a high specialization in personalized cycling clothing. Manufacturing a product fully worked in Spain, collaborating with local commerce, within a reasonable period of time and assumable for the client. Offering a direct communication between client, designer and workshop. Always at the forefront of the latest advances in sportswear. From the choice of fabrics, stamping, cutting, making. Finishing with the finishes of every little detail that takes shape in our workshop in Madrid. With the vision constantly put in the future to continue with a natural evolution that allows to continue learning and contributing all the new advances to our clients.

From the beginning we have opted for an exquisite care of every little detail, as if it were an obsession. In search of getting the best garment. For this we have the best materials from the best suppliers. Always under quality control of each of the manufacturing processes, in our workshop in Madrid. We have a specialized team in each of the phases of the process.

We need our clothes to feel good on the bicycle. That they are comfortable and of the maximum quality, offering the maximum performance in any circumstance to which you face. Our goal is to manufacture the perfect garment for a walk on any Sunday until the most demanding professional training and competition.


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