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Bark at the Moon Jersey by Thirteen – Ride13

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Quality 8.5
Comfort 8.5
Performance 9.0
Sizing and Fit 8.5
Value for Money 7.5

You’ve got to have at least one ‘black jersey’ in your cycling wardrobe and the ‘Bark at the Moon’ jersey by Thirteen is one for consideration. With a lightweight design, this is the very good all-round choice for staying cool.  Thirteen are producing some very striking cycling apparel that’s more than worthy of your attention.

PROS: Extremely lightweight, breathable, looks very unique with the 13 logos!

CONS: Price is a little high compared with others at this quality.

Quality and Comfort

The fabric choice of this jersey have been well thought out, with it’s lightweight body and highly ventilated fabrics, you get a jersey which feels and looks superb when compared to many traditional polyester fabrics.

The quality of manufacture is very high with a generously sized waistband and gripper which does a good job at keeping the jersey firmly fixed in place on your waist. The quality of stitching is likewise superb with excellent attention to detail across all parts of the jersey. The full length red zipper looks stunning and provides smooth and strong action.

Bearing in mind this is a very slim fitting race cut jersey, the comfort is extremely good. Thirteen state this jersey features ‘flexible lightweight Tek Rib Mesh fabric’ and it does move very well while you are riding, flexing with your body as you move around on the bike.

The rear three pockets are straight cut and provide easy access. The pockets are large enough to store your usual essentials without being too big and allowing your spares to slide around on your back.

Throughout the various rides this jersey was tested in, it provided the right level of comfort you would expect from a lightweight summer jersey, it allows you to ride without any distractions whatsoever.

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The lightweight fabrics perform extremely well in warm weather, providing excellent levels of ventilation and cooling. The lightweight fabric almost has a transparent look to it being made from lightweight Tek Rib Mesh fabric, you can see from our photographs that this is a summer jersey designed for warmer temperatures.

While riding, the ‘Bark at the Moon’ jersey allows you to perform at your max without feeling restrictive, you can feel the Micromesh on the back and on the side panels allowing your torso to breath with sweat and moisture being wicked away from your skin.

The lightweight fabric of the arms also do a great job at keeping you cool throughout your ride, as well as feeling free and unrestricted while moving around.

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Size and Fit

The size on review is a Small which is advertised as a 44cm chest (we assume this is front/back), however it fits my 92cm chest extremely well being a race fit. Bearing in mind this is a race cut jersey you will want to double check your size with their size charts or even email them to check before ordering. Their sizing is true to size, so if you like it tight order your usual size, if you like it relaxed then size up!

The body length is just right for a race cut jersey, the body fits very well around your torso and waist, and the collar is a nice fit for an average size neck. The arm length is good although we do prefer to see a slightly longer length, which is not a negative point, just a preference!

The fit is also extremely good for pocket placement, the three rear pockets are ideally located for easy access while riding.

Tc0 2302 Tc0 2304 Tc0 2296


Value for Money

Price at €130 (Approx £114 GBP / $148 USD) this is not a cheap jersey and will no doubt be bought for it’s unique design more than value. We love to see independent brands like Thirteen producing such unique apparel with quality fabrics and great fit. If you decide to stretch for this jersey you’ll definitely be in for many miles of happy riding.

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Final Verdict

It’s a unique jersey with a great design which really makes it stand out from many others. If you can justify the cost, then you’re getting something truly unique which will have you the envy of many other riders.

Velo Insider Rating 8 4




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