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Be more pro with the Edge 3 Pro Shoes by Suplest

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In the ongoing quest for speed, the humble road cycling shoe has evolved into a power platform of marginal gains which are now as technically advanced as the bikes we ride.

The Edge 3 Pro by Suplest is one of the most advanced cutting edge shoes available in the market. With maximum power transfer through its ultra-stiff carbon sole, the Edge 3 out performs many big name rivals on quality and style.

Suplest are a swiss manufacturer who pride themselves on quality, while creating premium shoes that exceed the most demanding of requirements. Their ‘simplistic’ approach to their shoe designs certainly show the swiss attention to quality & detail.

The Edge 3 Pro is made out of an ultra-thin, seamless microfiber from Japan. With an open mesh construction, the Edge 3 offers a combination of breathability, suppleness and support. Boasting many features the Edge 3 Pro includes: An anatomic WRAP tongue construction to suit a variety of foot shapes and widths. The shoe construction provides maximum hold while retaining it’s comfort. A thin carbon layer shield spreads lace pressure across the front of the foot. A genuine Boa® Closure System, works together with the carbon shield to provide a smooth closure without pressure points. They are even equipped with a SOLESTAR footbed.

We love the design of these shoes. If you are looking for performance that stands out as unique, then check out Suplest and the Edge 3 Pro…




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