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Bespoke handmade bikes by The Draft

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The Draft is a lifestyle. Cycling and its purity understood as it is: an art form. As art is only about feelings we have been true to our own when creating this passion for cycling.

Be assured about this: You are a cyclist, that makes you special. Therefore, we want you to feel special all day long, even when off the pedals, whether at home, at work or having a coffee while planning new routes to discover, new challenges to accomplish. In our Showroom you will find whatever you might need to make that happen. Even to keep you growing, evolving, turning you into a better cyclist. Seminars, workshops, lectures, technical and sport services, our exclusive The Draft Club… this is a place only suitable for cycling lovers.

But, above all, what we enjoy most is to design your dream bike side by side with you.

CONTACT: thedraft.cc


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