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Black Sheep

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Black Sheep Cycling was founded in 2014 to provide innovative and alternative cycling apparel.

We pride ourselves on creating unique, individualistic garments marrying seamless form and function, and have carved out a reputation for our uncompromised quality, unique design and an unrelenting desire to celebrate cycling. Designed in Brisbane, Australia. Ridden around the world.

A Black Sheep is anti-conformist, mischievous, doesn’t follow the crowd and ignores the mainstream noise. We are not shepherds and you are not our flock. You, our friend, are one of us. We are all cyclists. Unique, individualistic and proud. We are bound by our desire to push boundaries, to break from the peloton, to give every last drop of sweat on a climb and maximise the thrill of a hell-raising descent. We want you to do it your way. We want you to look good doing it.


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