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Blackmore Cycling Apparel

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Welcome to Blackmore Cycling Apparel.

Based in the cycling heartlands of Essex we founded Blackmore Cycling Apparel in 2015. We wanted to design and produce apparel that we would be proud to wear having never felt the marketing messages of some of the big companies were really “us”. We aimed to bring together our vision of cycling. How we experience it in real life. A culture and a company based around real people’s passion for riding bikes and what it means to us.
Blackmore is where we grew up and a place that we still call home. Now it provides us with an identity to represent our cycling. The riding that we do every day; week in, week out. We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not. Just quality clothing made by us for you. To ride in, to train in, to race, to explore, eat cake and drink cups of tea in.

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