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Blanco Dials Cycling Shoes by Velo Kicks

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Velo Insider Rating

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Quality 9.0
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.0
Sizing and Fit 9.0
Value for Money 9.0

It’s rare to find independent brands who produce their own range of cycling shoes, and VeloKicks have produced a superb shoe with some top features for the price.

Designed for those looking to customise their shoes via painting or drawing, much like the special edition shoes we admire the pro’s wearing, these shoes provide a blank canvas to let your creative side shine! Or, if you like clean minimal white cycling shoes, then they’re also the perfect road shoe for you!

PROS: Great fit, dual dials for total adjustment and stiff carbon sole.

CONS: None that we found… Although you might be stuck debating whether to keep them clean white or customise them with your own artwork!

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Quality and Comfort

Quality is extremely good with a nice finish to both the uppers and the carbon sole. The uppers are nicely designed with more than enough side ventilation to keep your feet comfortable while riding, which proved very good in temperatures over 20°C.

The ATOP MOZ Dials are very good quality and add a nice bit of style to the overall look of the shoes.

As well as being made to a high standard, the comfort is also extremely good. The shoes provide a firm hold around your feet without creating any tight areas or hot spots which might cause your feet to blister after a few miles. They hold your feet firmly in place so you can comfortably get on with riding and forget about sore or tired feet.

The inner’s feature a comfortable padded heel cup area and good support for underneath your ankles. The inner sole provides a good level of support to your arches and allows you to transfer your power comfortably without too much cushioning. It’s always nice to feel comfort in a shoe and at the same time feel how the road and bike are responding through the pedals.

Simply put… they’re extremely comfortable and provide superb support for mile after mile of riding. They have been superb in testing and will no doubt provide many more miles of happy riding.

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The Blanco Dial road shoes provide a wide range of performance features which make them very impressive.

Let’s start with the carbon sole, which let’s face it, is one of the most important aspects of any performance cycling shoe. The sole is made from carbon for maximum power transfer, and to achieve this it needs to be stiff. Surprisingly, the stiffness is extremely good, they’re not the stiffest available, but certainly one of the stiffest at this price point. Plus, you also get some very well designed ventilation ducts for keeping your soles as cool as possible, and they work very well with a variety of different socks we tested them with. In temperatures over 20°C they kept a steady flow of cool air to the soles. Another nice feature is the replaceable heels which allow your to extend the life of your kicks as long as possible.

Next has to be the ATOP MOZ Dual Dials which control the fastening and closure of the shoe. With their quick one-handed operation you can quickly adjust the shoes on the go. Their quick release design makes them one of the easiest dial closures for removing your shoes, simply flick the two tabs up and take off your shoes!

Overall the Blanco Dial’s provide a solid platform for your feet to transfer every single watt of power straight through that carbon sole and into your bikes drivetrain.

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Size and Fit

As you’ll no doubt already know, cycling shoe sizes rarely match your regular shoe size, so bear this in mind when ordering any brand of cycling shoes. Thankfully, VeloKicks are extremely well sized, meaning you get a great fit which matches their size chart. Being a UK size 10 we went for the EU size 45, although it was a debate whether to go for the EU44, but that would have come out a little too small.

After wearing these shoes for a variety of riding, I can say they fit extremely well and provide a very good level of comfort. The toe area has more than enough room to freely wiggle your toes without them feeling too roomy and loose. The width is a perfect size for average feet and keeps your feet in place without any side to side movement while riding out the saddle or fast sprinting.

Even if you have slim feet, the uppers with their dual dial closures have more than enough room and adjustment to firmly wrap the shoes around most shapes and sizes of feet.

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Value for Money

Priced at £166 GBP / $299AUD, you get a lot of features for your money. Few mainstream brands offer dual dial fastening and a carbon sole at this price point. For a shoe that’s aimed at those looking to paint and customise their kicks, you get a lot of great features and performance at a very reasonable price. Plus… considering you also receive a high quality branded shoe bag for storage, we really like what VeloKicks are offering here!

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Final Verdict

The Blanco Dials are a great minimal looking shoe with superb comfort, quality and value for money. Considering you can customise them, they’re an excellent blank canvas for creating some unique custom kicks. Or if you’re just looking to be different, then look no further… the Blanco Dials are a great choice! They get a 9/10 rating across the board.

Keep an eye out for them in our future reviews, as these are one pair of shoes we’ll definitely be wearing for a while!

Velo Insider Rating 9 0



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