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Blitz Analog Jersey by QED

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Quality 8.0
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Sizing and Fit 7.5
Value for Money 7.5

We love to see brands from around the world produce apparel that offers something a little different, and the Blitz Analog Jersey by QED has some nice features that really stand out.

Being a brand from Thailand, we were interested to see their quality and workmanship put into their cycling apparel. With a well chosen Italian Miti fabric, good length arms and cuffs, as well as a great choice of colours, the Blitz Analog Jersey is a nice addition if you are looking for a slim fitting lightweight jersey for your summer riding.

The colour on review here is ‘Coral’ and also available is ‘Prussian Blue’ and ‘Charcoal’.

PROS: Italian fabrics, great colour choice, nice attention to detail in the cuffs, very lightweight!

CONS: Possible a little expensive for some, but the Italian fabrics are what adds value to this jersey.

Dsc 6851

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Dsc 6909

Quality and Comfort

There has been a lot of consideration put into the Blitz Analog jersey by QED, with it’s slim race cut appearance and modern looks, it’s a nice looking jersey that has something unique to it.

The Italian fabrics provide the quality to this jersey with a great mix of lightweight and breathable textures which look superb. The rear features three pockets with a nice trimmed leading edge to make storage quick and easy while riding, as well as reinforced stitching to stop heavy pockets tearing your jersey.

There’s also a zipped security pocket for your valuables which we love, no jersey should be without one these days. Reflective details to the rear and zip add some nice safety details and the hem has a good gripper for keeping it in place while riding. Stitching and seams look very well made and should provide many years of hassle free riding.

One feature that really stands out to us are the arm cuffs which use a nice mix of fabrics and a very good gripper which is comfortable and a perfect fit for skinny arms. We also like the hidden full length zip which adds to the quality and looks.

Being a lightweight jersey there is plenty of flex and movement which allows you to ride comfortably in all positions. We didn’t notice any discomfort while riding despite it being a very slim fit (be sure to check your size when ordering, see below…)

Dsc 6871Dsc 6886Dsc 6867


The fabric is extremely light and well ventilated which makes this a great climbing jersey. Obviously designed for Thailand and Asia this jersey has to cope with the most demanding temperatures and humidity, so you know this is going to keep you cool thanks to that Miti fabric. According to the manufacturer, M.I.T.I fabric is believed to be the best performance fabric for Pro riders and you can certainly feel the quality in your hands as well as out riding.

While out riding in all positions, the jersey freely moves with your body without creating any tight areas. We especially like the high quality arm cuffs which have EB1 material, a compound material made from Jaquard mesh and lycra, but whatever it is made from it is super comfy and stays in place while you are riding which for us is one of the most important aspects of any jersey, no-one wants to keep pulling their sleeves back down at every junction or traffic light!

Overall this is the ideal summer jersey for 18°C+ and performs very well in a mix of riding conditions.

Dsc 6920Dsc 6870

Size and Fit

As QED are a Thailand based brand, their sizing is based on and designed for Asian body shapes. So if you are ordering from outside Thailand or surrounding countries, you might want to bear this in mind when ordering your size.

I am usually a size Small (96cm chest) in UK & European sizing, but came out in a Medium for the Blitz Analog jersey, and even then it is very slim fitting. So be warned you might want to size up one or even two sizes. We would advise contacting QED direct with your measurements, stating how you like it to fit before buying. They are a great team to speak with and are more than helpful with your enquiries.

Once you have the perfect size for your body, the fit is very good. The body provides a good length with ample room to store your goodies in the three rear pockets. The neck is a very good shape which fits well to your skin without ruffling up or leaving any open areas. Sleeve length and cuff size are superb for your usual slim fit riders, with good movement in the arm and shoulder areas thanks to that quality Italian Miti fabric. While riding there are no loose areas of fabric that flap around losing you those valuable milliseconds off your Strava PR’s!

Dsc 6863Dsc 6874

Value for Money

Prices at THB 3,250 ($100 USD or £75 GBP at time of this article), some might find this a little expensive, but that depends on exchange rates. This puts it in the midway prices we see from other independent cycling brands offering similar unique apparel. Based on the quality of the Italian fabrics, choice of design, fit and features, there is a lot of value to this jersey and if you like the looks as well as it’s nice choice of colours you will not regret buying it.

Dsc 6947Dsc 6949

Final Verdict

We like how this jersey is patterned yet minimal, it focuses on providing function over looks, yet it still looks great out on the road. Price may be an issue for some and sizing may catch you out, so be sure to consider your options before buying. With so many mainstream brands offering run of the mill clothing, it’s nice to see a unique brand such as QED providing apparel that offers riders something a little different.

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