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Blur Cycling Supply Co. makes limited-edition, designer cycling kits from Italian fabric and American attitude.


In late 2013, three American friends, cyclists, and motion graphic artists started designing their own cycling kits. After showing designs to friends around the country, they discovered that other people might want to wear the kits they’d been designing for themselves. So they founded Blur Cycling.

However, they didn’t want to be just another company churning out kits. So, to try and do things differently, they drafted a few guiding principles:

First: Every collection must have a concise, simple theme. No exceptions.

Second: Every collection must offer both men’s and women’s kits. Non-negotiable.

And third: Every collection will be limited to 75 jerseys per size/design. Once a design sells out, it’s never to be printed again. Seriously.


Let’s just get this out of the way up front: Blur does not hate Color. And Color isn’t upset that Blur wants to see other people for while.

It’s just… they’d been fighting for months, and it was time for them to take a little break. And yes, Blur hit it off with Black and White and released their first full Spring / Summer collection – Mono, Vol 01. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t find their way back to each other if it’s meant to be.

Mono, Vol 01 is unashamedly reductionist, glorious monochrome, and perfectly crafted – without all the drama.

So yeah. It’s pretty much just black and white.



Sarto Antonio



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