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BRANDT-SORENSON Luxury Sport Apparel offers boutique made-to-measure technical clothing from our atelier in downtown Los Angeles, California. The focus is on quality and functionality over ease of production or cost. Our clothing is about precision ergonomic fit. The contrast block designs are created for visibility. Our color palette communicates the class and prestige of the modern athlete. Most athletic gear is brightly printed for visibility yet muddles into disruptive camouflage to the motorist’s eye. Our clothing is purposed to enhance the athlete’s experience and performance. Our patterns and textiles are the result of years of refinement. Once you pedal in a pair of our Luxury Bib Shorts, there is no turning back. We offer made-to-measure garments to the rider’s unique dimensions. Athletes can find their exact match on our chart or submit measurements. When it comes to riding enjoyment, fit is everything.





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