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Focusing on cycling as a community, Burgh looks to focus on collaborating and generating meaningful relationships, whilst maintaining a high level of design, aesthetics and quality gear. Specialising in bar tapes, Burgh looks to draw inspiration from all areas of life and spread a bit of style onto those areas we all connect with, the handlebars.

a unique blend of comfort, grip & performance
Burgh prides itself on a unique blend of comfort, grip, performance and style. We use a 40mm tape width, which gives you plenty to cover even the widest bars and provides amazing shock absorption. So whether you’re bouncing over cobbles, sliding around corners on the cross bike, or racing up hills, Burgh tapes will get you there in comfort and style.

grippy even in the wettest of conditions
The unique polymer blend creates a surface that is grippy even in the wettest of conditions. Our tapes are perfect for riders who love gravel and mud, with cleaning being as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth. The dirt and grit will simply disappear; meaning your tape stays cleaner, for longer, with ease.



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