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The Canyon CF EVO 10.0 LTD superbike is what dreams are made of!

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When it comes to dream bikes, the Canyon CF Evo 10 is certainly a bike to dream of owning. With a superlight weight of 5.8kg for a size medium, there’s few production bikes that look this good. Boasting Lightweight Meilenstein wheels, THM carbon components and the CF Evo featherweight frameset, you might need to cycle with a bodyguard by your side. The hefty £11,799.00 GBP (at date of this article) is certainly merited by the specification. I doubt one will ever been seen out in the wild, but if you do see one you might want to take a picture to impress your fellow riders with.

What we find hilarious is that Canyon still want to charge you delivery… on a bike this price? We think it should be delivered in person by a Canyon representative with a bike fit included!

Canyon state: “Though we are proud of our legacy of providing high-quality bikes with top-class specs at a reasonable price, sometimes you just have to shoot for the moon and buy the best of everything. The Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD is a bike with no compromises. Even though the externals look to be very much the same as earlier Ultimates, the innards have been completely re-worked to accentuate all the best qualities of the Ultimate family. By starting with a lighter, stronger carbon fibre, we are able to use a completely new layup for the frame, enhancing the stiffness levels, accommodating the need for comfort, and keeping it super light. And durable. This isn’t the first bike ever produced to hit these sorts of lightweight numbers, but it’s the first you’ll be able to feel confident won’t break the very first time you skid out on a sandy corner, or pack it for a vacation in the mountains. This bike was built to be used, a lot.  Of course, with a dream frame like this, it would seem anticlimactic to have anything but a dream spec. For components, the SRAM e-Tap are reliably on duty. The smooth shifting is only enhanced by the extra bit of bling that comes with the THM-Carbones Clavicula M³ SRM Powermeter crank. Pairing the most desirable Canyon frame with the most innovative groupset means that the wheels need to be spectacular as well. That’s why rolling with anything but Lightweight is practically unthinkable. The Meilenstein Clinchers mix the perfection of the Lightweight design with the practicality of a clincher wheelset which makes them sexy and utilitarian. If you are looking to buy the best racing bike available, the Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD will eagerly step forward to claim that title. “

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