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Capsule Jersey by VOID

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Velo Insider Rating

8 User ratings
Quality 10.0
Comfort 10.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 10.0
Value for Money 9.5

With superb quality, design and fit, not to mention how comfortable this jersey is to wear… the Capsule jersey by VOID might just be the perfect all-rounder for you fashionistas.

Jersey on review is their Capsule Jersey in ‘Rock Split’ colours, size SMALL.

We got to try out their Capsule Jersey, Bib Shorts and Socks over a 124 mile Coast to Coast ride, wearing their kit for 8 hours straight… here’s what we thought…

PROS: Superb fit, very well made, extremely comfortable and designs look seriously cool out on the road.

CONS: None that we can find.


Quality and Comfort

Trying new kit before an epic 124 mile ride is not always a good idea… Will it be comfortable? Will it keep me ventilated? Will the pockets store everything I need to take? Will it perform they way I need a jersey to perform over that amount of mileage? We tried it anyway and the results were impressive.

As soon as you pick up the Capsule jersey you notice the quality of fabric and attention to detail put in by VOID. The jersey is made from a high quality polyester/lycra mix with mesh side panels for underarm ventilation. A sturdy waistband holds the jersey in place with its silicone gripper, the sleeves also feature silicone gripper too to keep those longer length sleeves in place while riding. Comfort in the sleeves is superb, with no bunching up or ruffles which inevitably flap around in the wind. Everything is streamlined and fitted for a perfect cut.

The full length YKK lock zipper and neck protector adds a nice feature as well as design. When zipped down slightly, those colourful stripes show off the well thought out design of the Capsule jersey.

The jersey also features three reinforced rear pockets for your goodies, as well as that all important zipped security pocket! I know we always say this but… these days, this is a must have feature on jerseys. There is also a rear headphone cutout in one of the pockets if that’s your preference.

The fabrics provide a superior level of comfort, being soft against your skin while providing good wicking during higher intensity rides. Being a great fit also makes it extremely comfortable around the arms, shoulders and waistline. Comfort is so good, you soon forget about what you’re wearing and just enjoy the ride.

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After a day in the saddle of varying temperatures, putting up with rain, mist, heat and humidity… you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience the full potential of any item of clothing. The Capsule jersey took everything in its stride and could have easily took a little more.

Being a smooth lycra material you sometimes worry about the wicking properties of a jersey, however the Capsule jersey stayed cool and dry while providing a good level of protection against the changing weather. During our cross-country ride we experienced showers, cold mist, heat, humidity and even full sun, which provided a variety of conditions to put the performance to the test. In wet conditions the jersey provided good protection, even without a gilet, rain from the light showers quickly evaporated leaving a dry jersey for the rest of the ride. Once the sun came out and temperatures moved closer to 20°C, staying cool was no issue for the Capsule jersey.

The jerseys fabric breathes very well, allowing your body heat to quickly move away from you. The full zip allows for quick adjustment, helping you stay that little bit cooler in extreme conditions. As a summer jersey in British weather, it dealt with everything and anything we came across. Well done VOID.

Dsc 7429 Dsc 7399 Dsc 7447

Size and Fit

Sizing is true to size, bearing in mind these are ‘Race’ fitting jerseys (“Tailored for a tight fit and aerodynamic riding position”~VOID).

The size on review is a Small (92cm chest) which is a perfect fit considering I have a 92cm chest and always buy slim fitting jerseys in a size Small.

Although the jersey is designed to be aero, the body and arms have a very good length to them. We love to see longer length short sleeves which just about touch the inner elbow, and the Capsule jersey for my dimensions is a perfect fit, not a lot of manufacturers get this right, but the VOID’s Capsule jersey gets it spot on.

The collar is also an area many manufacturers neglect to put thought into, not VOID! The jersey collar is extremely comfortable with no tight areas, even when riding on the drops and looking up at the road there is a good amount of stretch helping with comfort. We especially like the inside flap which protects your neck against the zip and adds a nice design feature when unzipped.

Even though this is an aero fitting jersey, the three rear pockets provide a great amount of storage space without affecting the fit of the jersey.

This really is a great fitting jersey with no issues to point out, in fact it might be the best fitting jersey I’ve ever worn.

Dsc 7383 Dsc 7412

Value for Money

At £95 GBP this is not a cheap jersey… but that’s the point! You get what you pay for, and with the Capsule jersey you might even be getting more than what you pay for.

The quality, design, fit, features and comfort of this jersey are well worth the price tag. This is a jersey which will have you looking and feeling as if you could achieve anything out on the road!

Dsc 7450

Final Verdict

If all of VOID’s clothing is this good, they may just be our all time favourite brand. The Capsule jersey is extremely impressive and we hope to see a lot more from VOID.

If you appreciate quality, performance and design… you must check out VOID and their vast range of kit for Men & Women.

Velo Insider Rating 9 8



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