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CarbonWorks Lightweight 8g Bottle Cage

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Quality 9.0
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Value for Money 8.5

For many it’s just a way to keep your bottle attached to your bike, for others it’s a vital component that has to perform and look superb. If you’re one of the latter, then you’ll love the CarbonWorks super lightweight bottle cage on review…

PROS: Minimal design looks superb and extremely lightweight at only 8g including the bolts!

CONS: It’s so good you’re going to want two of them! High price will no doubt put many off.

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Carbon fibre always looks great when you see that weave pattern shining in the sunlight, and this bottle cage by CarbonWorks looks gorgeous mounted on your frame.

There’s no mistaking the quality of this bottle cage when you look at it’s hand crafted minimal design and simplistic fixings. Although there is not much to it, everything is superbly made. The bolts fit perfectly into the mounting cups of the carbon, the carbon rails are smooth and hold your bottle perfectly in place, the bottom arm perfectly holds your bottle in place. It’s great!

The bottle cage is advertised to weigh just 8g, and it does… exactly 8g on our scales, and thats with the bolts included!

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How well can a bottle cage perform? Really?

Believe it or not there are many features you should want to consider in a bottle cage. Does it grip the bottle well when riding over uneven road surfaces? Does it rattle? How easy is it to get the bottle in and out? Can it hold a 500ml or 1000ml bottle? Does it stick out or is it aerodynamic? Granted not many people would consider these things, yet we do, and for us this bottle cage does it all very well.

There are no issues with a standard 500ml Tacx style bottle being held securely in place. We have not noticed any rattles, and getting your bottle in and out is very smooth indeed.

Overall, this is a great bottle cage that does what you need it to… hold your drink so you can forget about it and enjoy the ride!

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Value for Money

When it comes to lightweight components, price is always an issue, and at 89,80 + shipping (Approx £80) this is one serious component.  It is, however, on par with Lightweight’s Edelhelfer bottle cage which comes in at around the same price, yet weighs in at 18g, more than twice that of the CarbonWorks bottle cage. So you can clearly see how CarbonWorks is a clear winner in terms of weight, making it very good value to all you weight weenies out there.

If you’re going to want two of them, and let’s face it you will… then it starts to become a much more serious investment. But remember that two of these weigh less than one compared to other brands.

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Final Verdict

It looks amazing, does what it’s supposed to do and is super lightweight… what’s not to like! Yes, it comes with a premium price tag, but if you’re riding a bike that’s super lightweight and cost well into four figures… why would you buy a cheap bottle cage?

We really like this one and hope it proves to be a component we will use for many years to come. The only disadvantage is… you’re going to want to buy two to match!

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