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Climbers Socks in Black by Isadore Apparel

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Quality 10.0
Comfort 10.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 10.0

Climbers socks? Aren’t they just socks? You might be right, but the Climber’s Socks by Isadore Apparel are a superb choice when it comes to those who like to hit the inclines, hills, mountains and passes.

PROS: Extremely comfortable with great ventilation, lightweight with good stretch!

CONS: None that we found

Quality and Comfort

When you have hot and sweaty feet half way up an epic climb, you immediately start to take notice of your socks. There’s nothing worse than a pair of socks which feel hot and humid against your feet and toes when all you want to do is power your way up those hills.

The Climber’s socks by Isadore Apparel have been designed with climbing in mind, and thanks to their lightweight design and  breathable construction, these really are a sock for epic climbs.

The quality is extremely good with a good choice of yarn patterns and textures which provide good comfort around your foot. Throughout our testing the socks remained extremely comfortable and stayed in place without any issues.

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The Climber’s socks perform extremely well in a variety of temperatures, providing superior ventilation and wicking throughout your ride. The structured design to these socks provides a nice cooling feeling (depending on your shoe design) allowing for the rest of the sock to provide comfort and support. The bottom of the sock also features a slightly thicker sole area for your toes, which really helps when you push the power through those shoes. We really like how much comfort and ventilation these socks provide.

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Size and Fit

Size on test is a L-XL (EU43-46). Being a size UK10 (EU45) the socks fit very well with no issues. We would say there’s plenty of stretch to the fabric for your bunions, bent toes and knobbly parts!

Cuff height fits well without sagging while riding and looks just right sitting beneath your calf muscle. We honestly can’t fault the size or fit of these socks.

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Value for Money

At £20 per pair, they’re at the top end of sock prices. But we like them… a lot… and if you want quality then they are definitely a sock worthy of your attention.

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Final Verdict

These are superb technical cycling socks which make many other brands look cheap and low quality. They have a great feel in your shoes and are worthy of those epic climbs and alpine ascents!


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