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KONSTRUCTIVE is a High-End Bicycle and Sport Equipment Company for handmade bikes from Berlin in Germany. It is our mission to develop and produce outstanding products for bicycle enthusiasts who …
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At Kirschner Brazil, we make cycling clothing to suit the way we want to ride We ride to feel the wind on our face and the sun on our legs. …
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Cycling : Katusha Sport 2017

For you to get the most along your way to the victory. For you to face the field, the elements, the others and yourself with belief. We make no compromise. …
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Precision and quality are two words which are used daily at every point of production at Kallisto Sportswear.   We strive to make each piece of clothing the best they …
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KALAS is a leading proprietary manufacturer and distributor of custom cycling apparel in Central and Northern Europe. Born 25 years ago out of a passion for cycling, the company has …
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The brand has been established in Italy and represents the passion for collaborations between Italian researchers and international partners in Europe to ensure high quality control standards. Our creations are …
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Kalf – high-performance cycling apparel for riders who recognise that the devil is in the detail.
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KOMRAID began life as a question between two great friends, both keen cyclists, triathletes and general sport nuts. Actually, it was three questions, which went like this: why is so …
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