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Custom bar tapes from Road & Ribbon

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If you like your bar tape to be as individual as who you are, the latest offering from Road & Ribbon are the perfect choice for your next re-wrap project. The entire range is made from very high quality polyurethane with 3M adhesive, so you know it’s going to stick well and not unravel during riding. The non-slip finish is both lightweight & shock proof, providing performance and comfort for long endurance rides. And if you’re caught in the rain, its waterproof design means you have total grip & control and once dry, it’s like new again and ready for the next ride. We think they look great and especially love the ‘Golden Summit’ version with its geometric triangles pattern.

  • High Quality Polyurethane – Pull tight to wrap; easy to apply and remove thanks to top of the line material and 3M adhesive.
  • Anti-Slip – Our grip will always keep a tight seal between your gloves/hands for precision handling.
  • Shock Proof – Thin yet dense, the 2.5mm thick wrap acts as a cushion against bumps helping you have an optimal ride.
  • Extra Light – Every ounce counts! Precisely engineered to make sure there is no excess, never slowing you down.
  • Waterproof – Rain or shine, sweat or dry; Water slips right off so you never lose your grip.
  • 30MM Width – Race. Road. Fixie… No matter your bike, we guarantee the standard fit you are used to.

Take a look at their range of custom bar tape >


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