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Cycling specific nutritional products by MyProtein

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MyProtein have long provided an extensive range of protein & nutritional rich products ideal for a variety of sports. Their products include a range specifically suited to cyclists of all levels from amateur to professional athlete. As cycling is one of sport’s most physically gruelling disciplines, nutrition plays a huge part in cycling success at all levels, from fighting fatigue to supporting recovery. The intensity and effort required in cycling demands a nutritional programme that provides energy, power and stamina to succeed.

MyProtein’s range of supplements are specifically designed for cyclists and anyone undertaking regular endurance exercise. Their sport non-specific ranges such as protein powders and shakes are ideal for in between rides to provide your body with the essential building blocks it needs to continue muscle regrowth and repair.

With regular discounts, codes and offers, MyProtein are well worth consideration as they’re consistently lower in cost when compared to SIS, HIGH5 & other leading energy & nutrition manufacturers.



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