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For the Performance of the Champions…

By enhancing your wheel hubs, bottom brackets and your derailleur pulley wheels you will have the ride of your dreams. CyclingCeramic ceramic bearings improve fluidity, power transmission and durability. Go ahead run your performance to the next level.

Integrating innovation to your bike. Our products were designed to provide a simplicity and minimal maintenance. They are compatible with the majority of framesets, market Cranksets, included powermeter, wheel hubs and rear jockey wheels derailleurs. CyclingCeramic use high quality ceramic beads.
Ceramic Silicon nitride balls grade 3 are used to improve the performance of ceramic bearings. Ceramic balls are lighter, rigid, smooth, hard, corrosion-resistant, requires less lubrication and have less than their counterparts in steel thermal expansion. Our logs are polished for 45 days continuously in order to obtain more round and smooth beads. This helps to reduce the maximum contact surface.



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