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Dark Side of the Moon Bib Shorts by Thirteen – Ride13

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Quality 8.0
Comfort 8.0
Performance 8.5
Sizing and Fit 9.0
Value for Money 7.5

These are the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ black bib shorts by Thirteen. These are the only pair of shorts on offer from Thirteen, however they prove you don’t need a huge range when you can create one pair of very good shorts! Thirteen state they have been developed with “years of extensive testing and feedback from rides in the most demanding climates”, we put them to the test to see how they performed.

PROS: Comfortable bibs with a reasonable chamois, subtle design superb looks!

CONS: Price will no doubt be an issue for many.

Quality and Comfort

The ‘Dark side of the Moon’ bib shorts use a high quality Lycra which looks and feels great, you can feel the quality of the Lycra is not like your cheaply manufactured fabrics. With flatlock stitching you can see these are a pair of shorts that will go the distance, providing many years of comfortable cycling. Even the quality of their subtle ‘stealth black’ logo is very good and looks as though it should last for wash after wash without flaking or peeling anytime soon.

The Lycra is lightweight and looks slightly see-through, so be aware of this and consider what you’re wearing for the rider behind!

The legs feature a generous 45cm of ‘honeycomb’ design silicone gripper which keeps the leg cuffs securely in place, they certainly provide a good amount of grip on your skin without any discomfort or pulling.  The Bibs are also made extremely well with solid stitching and a nice breathable mesh to allow your upper body to stay cool when riding. They’re finished in a black mesh which stop them standing out through their lightweight jerseys.

The chamois is stated to be a ‘Zoncolan gel pad’ which provides adequate protection and comfort. It’s definitely a good pad for racing, thanks to its slim fitting feel. It should provide comfort for rides around 100km (60miles), but more than this might prove to be uncomfortable for your average cyclist.

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The Lycra fabric provides good support and ventilates well in warmer weather. The gripper does an excellent job at keeping the legs in place and the overall shape and fit of the shorts provide good performance for all kinds of cycling.

Overall these are a good performer, ideal for those looking for stylish and subtle pair of black shorts. As mentioned previously, the chamois performs extremely well with more than enough comfort for a variety of riding times and distances.

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a Small (72-86cm waist) and fits true to size. There’s more than enough flex to allow for movement, so you can ride comfortably or to put on a few pounds without having to buy new shorts!

The dimensions are very good with nice length to the legs and bib straps, there are no issues with comfort or tight bib straps to distract you from enjoying your ride. The design and paneling allows the shorts to fit close to your body without loose fabric or bunching up around your hips and groin.

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Value for Money

Priced €160.00 (£141 GBP / $180 USD), they do not offer anything exceptional to warrant the high cost. It’s not easy for independent brands to produce unique apparel at a low cost, so if you like the design and feel like supporting a unique brand, check out thirteen!

Final Verdict

We really like the subtle design and quality fabric of these shorts. They look good and perform extremely well. They’re a definite purchase to make if you’re buying on of their jerseys, but we feel the price is a little high and will put many off from buying.

Velo Insider Rating 8 2





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