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The definition of a cyclist is quite simple: «A person that rides a bicycle». Being one, is not.

There are so many of us, with all of our little quirks and beliefs. Our great grandfathers were cyclists, our dads, aunts, grandmama’s and mothers. We all enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle, whether we use it for transport or joy. We are all by definition cyclists. But then there are those who call themselves a cyclist, we cyclists, we like to think we are different. We are the ones who after a full day of work, get on the saddle and train. We are the ones that get up on a Sunday at 7AM to ride in the god forbidden cold. It doesn’t matter if it is to race, to beat your mates on a local sprint or to discover places our eyes have not captured before.

We are cyclists. Our bikes might look different, out goals differentiate even more, but when crossing each other on the tarmac we love so much, we look each other in the eyes and nod. That nod of approval we all hold so dearly. Because in the end, there is no love, like our love for the bicycle. And that right there is one of the most fundamental beliefs De Marchi was founded on.

When back in 1946, at the foothills of the Dolomites Emilio De Marchi created one of the most innovative brands to this day, and the oldest cycling clothing company in 2017. The mind behind the use of qualitative Merino wool cycling jerseys, worn by the legends we worship like Coppi, Bartali, Bobet, Merckx, Gimondi, Moser and Basso to name a few.

De Marchi continues to be innovative to this day, with their release of their 2017 Winter kit. To celebrate this, we went back in time. We dedicate this ride to De Marchi, The Hell of The North and the Faema team. We revisited this all time classic in celebration of innovation and heritage going hand in hand. Because we need innovation to move forward, but history to net get disconnected from the past. On the 21st of October, we went back, revisiting 1970 Paris Roubaix, one of the most epic editions to this day. The weather, the slippery cobbles and the fight to the velodrome. With the strongest rider of that day arriving 5 minutes and 21 seconds before anyone else.






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