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Donut Kit by Turbo Cycling Apparel

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PROS: Very well designed kit with some superb attention to detail and fit, and very unique designs.

CONS: Some designs may be too outrageous for some. Being a Kickstarter project, it might not reach its target funding!


Turbo Cycling Apparel are so new, they are starting up via Kickstarter with an impressive number of designs for their first season of kit.  Their target market is those looking to shake off the stagnation and boredom of cycling fashion, and to start a revolution in the industry. Their new range certainly does that, and a whole lot more!

This is their ‘Donut’ Pro Bundle on Review.

Forget the graphics for a moment and what you have is some extremely well made kit, using high quality materials and fabrics as well as well thought out cuts to the jersey & bib shorts. We have not seen manufacturers using some of the materials featured on this kit in such a clever and effective way as Turbo are using them, such as the jersey hem gripper and bib shorts straps.

With high quality Italian Lycra, cooling mesh fabrics and extremely well sewn together seams, these impressive kits are made to a very high standard which is rarely seen in a start-up.

Take a look below and find out more about this exciting new range by Turbo Cycling Apparel…

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Quality and Comfort

Quality is second to none. With a clever mix of fabrics, which make up this bold statement making kit, the quality is very very good. In fact, just wearing the jersey alone makes you realise a lot of clever thinking has gone into creating the shape, fit and comfort of this jersey. The arms are made using a cooling mesh fabric which is light and moves effortlessly with your riding position. With a generous length of sleeve, the arms stay in place in all positions on the bike. A full length zip secures the jersey firmly in place with a superb design of hem and gripper which is robust and very grippy, something we like to see on all jerseys!

The quality is also shown in the design and fabrics of the bib shorts, with their 8 hour pad for longer days in the saddle. The shorts have been designed to fit perfectly in every place around your bottom and waist without bunching up or creating tight spots while riding. The leg cuffs provide a good length to the shorts and grip is superb, preventing the legs from moving around on your skin or riding up your thighs creating ripples of Lycra around your groin.

Both the jersey & bib shorts are extremely comfortable because of their great design, close fit and choice of fabrics. The chamois provides a very comfortable ride due to its superb shape and size.

Dsc 5776 Dsc 5792 Dsc 5801


The fabrics are the real winner here, with lots of movement and great breathability in warmer weather. The choice of cooling mesh fabric for the sleeves allows you to comfortably ride without feeling too hot in your under arm areas. The bib short straps and back are light and breathable allowing for good ventilation when riding out of the saddle. Even with a mesh vest you can stay cool in temperatures of 20°C+.

Overall the performance of the fabrics provide exactly what you are looking for in a summer jersey & shorts… lightweight, flexible, comfortable and breathable!

With 3 angled pockets to the rear and a zipped security compartment, you have plenty of easy to access storage while out riding.

Dsc 5803 Dsc 5821 Dsc 5826


We’ve only been able to test this kit for a short while, but based on the manufacturing quality of the fabrics and seams, we can see no problems occurring with durability. Even the inks used on the fabrics appear to be high quality and provide a vivid appearance to these statement making designs!

Check out those seams! The stitching is superb!

Dsc 5824 Dsc 5787 Dsc 5811

Size and Fit

This is where you will need to be careful. Fit is superb, IF you choose the correct size. Turbo Cycling Apparel’s sizing chart would have me (normally a small / 96cm chest / 80cm waist) wearing a medium. The kit on review is a size medium and fit was superb, so please consider checking their sizing before ordering. If in doubt, check with them direct!

Dsc 5760 Dsc 5798

Value for Money

Their Kickstarter campaign has 3 tiers of pricing depending on when you decide to pre-order with them. ‘Super Early Bird’ gets you the set for £158, ‘Early Bird’ is £175 and after that it’s £192. So value will depend when you buy, however we will base our verdict on the highest price of £192.

This is a hard one, because of the materials and fabrics along with the design features put into this new range of kit, you definitely get what you pay for. However we fear this may be too much for some based on a brand they have not yet seen or heard of. Let’s face it though… unique and individual apparel does not come cheap these days. That is why we are here to provide you with this review and give you an honest, in-depth look at the kit.

If you love their bold designs and appreciate quality materials along with great fit and comfort, then Turbo Cycling Apparel are definitely providing value for money with their new range.

Dsc 6069 Dsc 5772

Final Verdict

If you like to make a statement and love standing out as unique then the designs and quality of Turbo Cycling Apparel will definitely appeal to your tastes. With such a vast range of designs and options for each design (maybe too many options?) the most negative part of this kit is choosing which one to buy!

Regardless of the Kickstarter campaign and it’s final target, we see this new and exciting brand going places in the cycling community. And even if they don’t, you will have grabbed yourself a truly unique kit like nothing we have ever seen before!

Click here for their Kickstarter campaign >

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