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Our company ‘Enigma’ has changed beyond recognition over recent years but it seems only yesterday that we were working from a converted cow shed with just a small office and storeroom. We now occupy 8000 sq ft of workshop space and continued investment in our business means that we are now able to carry out every aspect of frame building and bicycle production from design through to tig-welding, brazing, shot-blasting, painting and finishing on the premises. This gives us total control over all the various production processes and allows us to produce frames of the highest quality lovingly handcrafted from titanium, steel and stainless steel. In addition we offer a full bike building service, bikefitting, wheel building, refurbishing and frame repairs plus general servicing.

Building for the future

It’s not just about working for today, it’s also about planning and building for the future. We know that there is no future for our craft if the traditional skills are not passed to a new generation who will carry the torch in the future. Enigma is committed to training and as well as apprenticeships for new frame builders, we also offer frame building courses for those wishing to build their own frame

It’s all in the family

Our company is built upon firm family foundations with shared values, trust, loyalty and a patient approach. We sacrifice short term financial gains for long term goals, all working hard for the common cause giving us stability in a cut throat corporate world.

The team is all

Of course Enigma is not just the Walker family, there are other equally valuable members of the Enigma team. Any business is only as good as its staff and Enigma is no exception. Our team is a group of highly talented, dedicated and hardworking individuals with decades of experience between them, who are all passionate about producing bikes of the highest quality here in Great Britain. We love bikes and we love to ride. We also love to serve and we strive to give exceptional customer service.


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