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Enjoy a smoother drivetrain with CyclingCeramic jockey wheels

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We get quite excited when we see beautiful components such as these high quality ceramic bearing jockey wheels made by CyclingCeramic. And yes, we do get out much! In fact, for us… bikes, apparel and components are just as exciting as getting out riding!

Not all of us want to upgrade our derailleurs to larger cages and oversized pulley/jockey wheels, sometimes we just want to get the best performance from a standard setup. CyclingCeramic have the answer with their range of ceramic bearing jockey wheels for Sram, Shimano & Campagnolo specific groupsets.

Their ceramic bearing allow for better power transmission ultimately saving your energy or maximising speed for the same amount of energy. They have been designed to be extremely lightweight with optimum bearing protection thanks to the design of the bearing gaskets. The aluminum jockey wheel construction and hand assembly by CyclingCeramic guarantees a longer riding life, providing superb value for money. These ceramic jockey wheels also provide a significant increase in performance when compared to standard non-ceramic rollers.

Changing out jockey wheels is extremely quick and easy with only 2 bolts/spindles to be loosened and re-fit. Simply remove one at a time and re-fit, making sure you correctly fit the top and bottom jockey wheels and bolts in the correct locations.

Available for both road and off-road bikes fitted with Sram, Shimano or Campagnolo groupsets, these significant upgrades to your drivetrain will maximise the gains you can expect to get out of your bicycle.

Friction Facts have even ran their own independent testing which showed a decrease of friction to the amount of 1.331w against standard Shimano Acera, 98% less friction!

Available in Gold, Silver, Black & Red, there is a colour to suit everyone’s tastes in colour schemes. Why not check them out and see their amazing range of ceramic cycling products which are changing the future of high quality components.




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