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Falconer Aero Helmet by Sweet Protection

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Quality 9.0
Comfort 8.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 8.5
Value for Money 8.5

A cycling helmet that’s both aerodynamic and well ventilated? That’ll be the Falconer Aero by Sweet Protection, a futuristic looking helmet that looks like it’s straight out of Tron! With an extremely well ventilated design, the Falconer Aero easily converts from an aero helmet to climbing helmet in seconds.

PROS: A futuristic helmet that provides everything you need for any type of ride. High quality design and materials.

CONS: Rear fixing may be uncomfortable depending on your skull shape.

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Quality and Comfort

The construction and quality of materials is very good with a nice combination of matt and gloss finishes to the outer shell. The aero panels are also a nice touch, being attached via magnets they simply snap into place without any problems, making them very easy to remove while riding. The magnets have a firm hold and it certainly adds a significant aerodynamic advantage to your Strava segments times.

When combined with a speed suit (we tested this with the Variant CC VCC05 Speed Suit)  we saw at least a 1.5mph increase on the usual training routes! As soon as you hit the climbs you can easily remove the panels for more ventilation, although the aero panels are a little awkward to store in your jersey pockets due to the curve of them.

Comfort is good, but could be slightly better. We would prefer to have a little more padding to the inside top area of the helmet. It sometimes felt like the top of my head was resting more against the helmet than the padded inserts. But as with anything that could just be the shape of my head!

The helmet is also designed with Sweet Protection’s ‘Occigrip’ retention system which secures the helmet to your head to prevent it rolling backwards or forwards. We found this to be effective but not as comfortable as other helmets as the ratchet dial for adjustment sits on your occipital bone area. Most other brands design this with supports either side of your occipital bone, raising the tension adjuster away from your head. We found it was best to keep the tension less than normal which relieved any pressure to the rear of your head and made it much more comfortable while riding. As with all helmets, you might have to try a few different models or brands to find your perfect fit.

The straps are a good design which fit around your ear and chin without any twisting, this helps the straps to stay flat to your face instead of flapping in the wind.

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As an aero helmet, there are definite advantages to your average speed and times. Even when opting for the aero panels during your ride, there is extremely good ventilation thanks to the cleverly designed air channels and STACC (Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel) system, which creates a flow of ambient air directly against your temple areas where your temporal arteries reside, thus cooling the main supply of blood to your head and keeping you cooler during high tempo riding.

Remove the covers and again you have a very well ventilated helmet ideal for summer riding of any type. The open design of the helmet provides good air movement around every part of your head with no noticeable hot spots.

The aero panels are very easy to remove or install and can be done while riding in seconds.

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Size and Fit

True to size, the Falconer Aero helmet fits very well. We would advise following their size guide for a perfect fit. Once you get the ‘Occigrip’ dialed in just right, the helmet should feel very comfortable in all riding positions. Finding the balance between comfort and support using the ‘Occigrip’ system can significantly change the feel and fit of the helmet, so be patient and the fit should be just right.

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Value for Money

At £219.99 rrp this is a top of the range helmet providing a lot of features and unique technology. You get a two-in-one helmet that’s suitable for all weather and riding styles. At this price it’s on par with most other brands top of the range models.

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Final Verdict

If you like to look unique on the road, appreciate high quality materials or you’re looking for a two-in-one aero helmet that’s suitable for wearing throughout the year, then the Falconer Aero helmet is an ideal choice. You get some superb features for your money and it has a very modern look which really stands out.

What’s in the box: You get the helmet, storage bag, user manual & a full spare set of pads.

Velo Insider Rating 8 8



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