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It all started with the need for a new bike. The bike which we started to crave for years ago, not even knowing at that time how far this craving would take us. We dreamt about the bike which would speak for its owner. The bike which would be timeless and would age with grace. The bike exceptional in all aspects and from all perspectives that could be regarded in a bike.

We founded a company which would dedicate itself to the manufacture of bicycles for demanding clients. And thus Festka came into existence. (Festka is a slang word for a track bike in Czech language). One thing was clear to us from the very start: the manufacture of high-end bikes would not be an easy task to do and a lot of hard work laid ahead on the way. But our plan was simple – build a manufacture where we would have every step of the process under our control: from the first cut of a tube to the last stroke of the paintbrush.

We started with design – our first colleague was Tomáš Hnida. We collaborated with him over the design of the bikes. Track bikes – fixies – were the easiest type of bikes to produce, but their design and personalisation were a great and challenging experience to us all, which we still draw from in the present days.

Over the years we have spent creating and manufacturing bicycles, we have arrived at a conclusion that building a bicycle is not a rocket science – the manufacture of the frame consist of only a few steps. But it is in these steps that one can get on the rocket-science level. Every day we apply state-of-the- art scientific and engineering knowledge and know-how from all the areas we need, forging our way, disregarding the trends of the modern cycling industry. Our path is illuminated by science not by trends. We build the bicycles that correspond to our visions and ideas, and it is such bicycles that we enjoy building most.






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