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FHTR Bib Shorts by CritFitArmy

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Quality 9.0
Comfort 9.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.0
Value for Money 9.0

A must have pair of Bib Shorts to be paired with the FHTR jersey also on review. CritFitArmy are one brand that’s creating unique apparel that truy stands out from the crowd, and their FHTR Bib Shorts certainly stand out on the road, with their unique camouflage/stealth style designs and bold use of colours. The FHTR bib shorts show how good independent brands are at providing quality and value for money!

PROS: Great fit, high quality Italian fabrics, lightweight design, superb chamois.

CONS: None that we found.

Quality and Comfort

The FHTR bib shorts use high quality Italian fabrics which feel superb against your skin. You can see from the quality of materials that these are a bib short which provide a lot of comfort and quality. Designed to compliment their FHTR jersey, you get some excellent looking shorts with a subtle matching design around the leg grippers.

The shorts have a good anatomical cut and panel design which prevent any discomfort or bunched up fabric while riding. The leg length is just right with a generous sized cuff to each leg which features strong gripper for keeping them firmly in place during rides.

The bib section is very well thought out with good support and shape. The straps are a silky smooth elastic which sit nicely against your skin with good supprot across yoru shoulder blades. The bib is also nice and low cut which allows you gents to easily make a toilet stop at the side of the road!

The chamois is an Elastic Interface® Chamois ROAD PERFORMANCE SPACE 2 designed for longer rides of 7+ hrs. We tested these shorts over a variety of riding distances and times and found them a good all rounder, with superb comfort throughout our rides.

Overall they’re extremely comfortable with a great pad and well thought out design.

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Thanks to the Italian fabrics and Elastic Interface pad, these shorts are a serious performer for anyone looking for the ideal all round training, social ride or racing bib shorts.

The shorts provide more than enough breathability to keep you cool and ventilated during your ride. We found them to be extremely comfortable in hot weather, so the fabrics provide a good level of wicking for removing body heat and sweat.

The lightweight design also allows the shorts to freely move with you while riding, providing total performance and comfort which really stands out when your’e riding hard in temperatures around 20°C.

One highlight is the chamois by Elastic Interface, who design some impressive pads for a variety of rising styles. The ‘ROAD PERFORMANCE SPACE 2’ pad used here proved to be extremely comfortable for rides around 70 miles and 4 hours in the saddle. We certainly feel they’d provide more than enough comfort for rides anywhere around 100 miles / 160km.

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a SMALL and they fit extremely well. We would advise sticking to their size guide, there’s no need to size up or down, the shorts fit exactly as stated.

The fit of the shorts has been well thought out with a good shape to the fabric panels. The shorts fit close to your skin without any discomfort or bunched up fabric. The leg length is also superb with those large grippers keeping the length just right for your average size rider.

The bibs provide a good supportive fit without the straps being too tight or restrictive, they sit well in your shoulders and stay in place while riding.

We found the fit of the FHTR bib shorts to be spot on with what you expect from quality bib shorts.

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Value for Money

Priced at $149.99 (£116 GBP) as with their other apparel, you get some great shorts for the money. Considering you get a branded chamois pad, Italian fabrics and large leg grippers, these shorts are great value.

Final Verdict

If you have the FHTR Jersey by CritFitArmy, then you must buy these shorts to match, they look superb out on the road when paired together. Overall they’re a great performing short with high quality fabric and features.

Velo Insider Rating 9 2



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