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Field Cycles is a collaboration between a group of friends from various craft, design and engineering disciplines. The unique skillsets of the contributors – a maker, a painter and graphic designer – have come together in a shared passion that treats the fabrication of a bicycle as an exploration of craft, aesthetics and function.

The partnership was developed out of a common pursuit for a hand built bicycle frame with a return to artisan craftsmanship, and a shared obsession with the bespoke production process as an antidote to
mass-produced manufacturing.

At its heart, a shared ethos of beauty manifests itself in the care and attention we pay to even the smallest of details within the process.


We are proud to place this statement on our bikes, either immaculately rendered in paint, or in relief on our investment-cast Bronze head badges.

We are inspired by the pioneering industrial heritage and tradition of our Steel City, in particular the expertise of small workshops and the individuals who shaped its evolving identity. We are determined that our products should perpetuate Sheffield’s innovative steel working legacy.

We choose to build our bicycle framesets out of steel because of it’s ride characteristic and versatility. It’s versatility allows us to be constantly prototyping and refining our work.

We are not ruling out the introduction of other materials at this stage. If we identify the clear need for a different process or characteristic we will take it on in the pursuit of refinement.

Field Cycles focuses on the production of the frameset through the fastidious activity of making one complete frame by hand from start to finish. Working closely with the customer, the production process becomes
both the refining of the maker’s personal skills and the shared interpretation of the iconic object of engineering, the bicycle.

We encourage visitors to our workshop, the process of building a bike frame usually starts with a good brew.* If geography does not permit a visit, communication can be via e-mail and telephone.

At every stage of the build, the customer is central to the bespoke process. We encourage you to talk directly to the crafts people involved in the making of your frame, throughout the process; from fit, geometry and fabrication to design and it’s final paint finish.






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