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Fietssokken Aero Socks by Sockloen

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Quality 8.5
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.0
Sizing and Fit 8.5
Value for Money 7.5

Can socks really make you faster? We put the Fietssokken Aero Socks by Sockloen to the test and the result… we still don’t know, but they certainly do look fast!

PROS: Sleek looking design, superb fit, breathable and lightweight

CONS: Price.

Quality and Comfort

There’s no doubt these are a quality made sock designed for marginal aerodynamic advantages. The sleek upper sits close to your skin providing as low a profile as possible while providing the required protection of a sock.

The nice thing about these socks is that the foot of the sock is, well… made like a sock! What we mean is, this is two socks joined at the ankle. You have a smooth finish lycra upper attached to a normal yarn fabric cycling sock. The combination works well and is very well made.

Because of the normal foot area of the sock being made from yarn, you get the usual comfort of a normal cycling sock with all of the aerodynamic advantages of an aero sock.

Thanks to a slim silicone gripper, the socks sit very well on your leg/calf area without slipping down while riding.

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We cannot honestly say whether they provide an aerodynamic advantage or not, but it’s clear from their construction that these are a sock designed for speed. You would certainly see some marginal gains at the velodrome, but whether you would see any gains on the road in varying conditions is unclear.

As far as breathability and wicking are concerned, they perform as well as you would expect a top quality sock to perform. They ventilate well and provide good wicking to allow your feet to stay as cool as possible.

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Size and Fit

The Fietssokken Aero Socks by Sockloen come in one size, designed to fit 39-46 feet. They fit well with no issues which is surprising considering the one-size fits all design. The cuff is a good size of approx 19-21cm depending on your shoe size and the heel fits well with no problems in length or position.

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Value for Money

Priced at €29.95 (£26 / $33) they are a considerable price and investment for marginal aerodynamic performance. These are clearly a sock for the elite cyclists out there!

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Final Verdict

They look fast, fit well and feel great on. However the cost makes these a sock for those who are truly fanatical about their marginal gains.

Velo Insider Rating 8 5





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