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FOIL Wheels is owned run and operated by two lifetime New Zealand Cyclists – Scott and Gordon (GMC). Scott the keen enthusiastic amateur, Gordon the ex pro Legend in the New Zealand peloton.

FOIL as a brand, was born in New Zealand during 2013 and came from watching the Americas cup boats sail clean and fast on their “Foils”.

Together Scott and Gordon’s desire is to provide high performance, racing wheelsets direct to you the rider.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the performance, handling, speed and satisfaction that comes from riding on a quality product.   Our products are developed and tested by riders for riders.   Employing online direct sales enables them to price product, at a fraction of our competitors.   FOIL Wheels truly are attainable by anyone.   If online is not your thing then look out for one of our exclusive dealers.

At FOIL we continually look forward to further expanding our product lines and having our wheels ridden by everyday cyclists and seasoned professionals.

We not only believe in our products we stand behind them personally, join the FOIL revolution and you’ll understand what we are talking about!



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