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Frame Juice by Juice Lubes

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Quality 9.0
Performance 9.0
Value for Money 8.5

Another fantastic product by Juice Lubes!

Designed for finishing off your trusty steed with a hydrophobic, mud repellent, ultra slick force field against road grime and muck. Simply spray it all over your ride (avoiding your brake pads, rims and discs) and buff off to a pristine finish, or you can even spray it on and leave it wet to repel any mud or dirt for your cyclocross or mtb antics!

PROS: Quick to apply, easy to use, smells decent and does what it’s design to do!

CONS: Unlike everlasting gobstoppers it doesn’t last forever, but we can’t fault it for that!

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If you like your ride to look like new each time you go out, then you’ll most likely be using some form of spray polish to clean up your ride. Compared with many other brands, Frame Juice is definitely a leader in performance and quality.

When applied to a freshly cleaned and dry bike, Frame Juice spray leaves a lovely clean finish, restoring both your frame and components to their former glory. If used correctly there is no residue or build up of spray left around your components, it simply buffs and dries to a lovely clean finish.

On glossy bikes it restores a nice glossy finish and even on a matt finish frame is provides a deep subtle satin finish which looks superb and dries back to matt.

Once dry, it does very well at repelling rain and water and leaves components easier to wipe clean after rides. We haven’t managed to try it’s mud repelling properties but Juice Lubes themselves recommend you spray it all over your bike (avoiding the usual brake pads, discs etc), and leave it on wet. This provides a super slippery surface which mud will not stick to! Super.

Like most spray polishes, it seems to last a couple of rides before needing another coating. But because it’s kept your ride a little cleaner than usual, it’s very easy to wipe your ride down (we like to use baby wipes for light dirt) and re-apply as you did before, restoring that force field to maximum power.

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Value for Money

Priced at £10 for 400ml, you get a little less than Muc Off for the same price, but it’s on par with Morgan Blue which is also £10 for 400ml.

In regards to value and quality, you get a superior product which means, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for! So go on your ride is worth it.

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Final Verdict

Quick, slick and doesn’t take the mick! If you want all round protection for your ride in the form of a simple and easy to use, spray-on/wipe-off cleaner, then it’s worth squeezing your wallet to get some Frame Juice out of it!

Velo Insider Rating 8 8


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