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Givelo is pure and legit desire. Desire of giving it all, of getting off the conventional. We are not afraid of setting high goals, because that’s the only way you can push yourself beyond limits.

Don’t ever settle, always keep seeking, it doesn’t matter if you are not completely sure of what you are looking for, as long as you feel you’re on your own path.

Try to improve every day; don’t look back or beside you, you just have to keep your focus in what you really believe. That’s our philosophy, we truly believe that you must use your brain to pursue excellence in what you do. Use it to watch for every single detail; but also, remember that there´s no such thing as perfection, you cannot achieve what it doesn’t exist. So let your heart guide you, do what you feel; let your imperfection and craziness take you to your own sense of greatness.


The Bastion Road Disc, Road & CX... pure art in motion!


The Brasileirao Long Sleeve Jersey by Givelo

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