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Grid Socks by Casual Black

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Quality 8.0
Comfort 8.0
Performance 8.0
Sizing and Fit 7.5
Value for Money 8.0

We like the design of these socks, they feel great to wear and the design reminds us of Kraftwerk. If you owned a special edition Kraftwerk Canyon these would be must have socks! Whatever the case, they’re great socks.

PROS: Great quality socks from an accessory brand that’s giving back to the community with each sale!

CONS: Only available in black or white, but then again… those colours are always classy!

Quality and Comfort

The socks are very well made and provide a good amount of cushion for your feet. Being made from a Nylon, Elastic and Spandex mix, they have a good amount of stretch and should fit most peoples bent and buckled feet quite well. The socks seem to stay in place while riding and provide a good level of comfort both in and out the saddle. As you can see in the detailed photographs, these socks are of a very good quality.


The Grid sock provides a good amount of ventilation depending on your shoe styles. Even in temperatures of 20°C the socks remained fairly dry and kept feet feeling cool throughout the ride.

Size and Fit

We found the foot length to be a little long, obviously this is due to the ‘one size fits all’ design. If you have smaller feet, this may be a problem as even with a UK size 10/EU 45 there was still plenty length to fit much larger feet. We found the trick was not to pull them on too tight, although for some this might cause bunching up in the shoe while riding.

Cuff length is good. With two versions of sock ‘Mid – 22cm leg’ and ‘High – 25cm leg’, you don’t feel as if they are noticeable too high or too low, they sit well on your leg and calf.

Value for Money

If you fancy a pair, it might be worth considering their twin pack which gives you both colours while saving on the individual prices. Currently they are $14.95 each or $24.95 for a twin pack. Overall they are great socks on par with many other brands out there.

Final Verdict

We love the design of these socks and the fact they come in opposite mono colour schemes. We’re not convinced a ‘one size fits all’ design will fit all… especially with sizes smaller than UK9 / EU44.

Velo Insider Rating 7 9



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