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If You Can Read This I’m Faster Than You – Socks by Pacifc and Co

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Pacific and Co have one of the most extensive range of socks available in the world of cycling. With such a diverse range of designs & colours you are guaranteed to find something to match your kit, bike or shoes. We’ve found ours! Their new ‘If You Can Read This I’m Faster Than You’ socks are just right for our corporate colours! We love them.

Designed for summer riding in hot and humid climates, these stunning performance cycling socks are made with a Polyamide yarn, guaranteeing total comfort high. Their design improves the management of humidity across the whole surface area of your foot to create a cooler environment for your feet to ride in. The design of the toe and heel also includes a reinforced material at the pressure points of the foot to ensure total absorption of vibration and shock through your pedals and shoes.

Made with their special airflow technology, these cycling socks are designed with a mesh to provide maximum ventilation. A 3M reflective logo adds a nice touch creating an element of safety in low light conditions. The reflective dots illuminate when hit with light, so you’re guaranteed to be seen as much as possible out on the road.

The sock is designed to provide extra cushion support to provide protection against impacts, with a shock-absorber suction at toe & heel for total comfort. These cycling socks also feature and archband support for mid-foot stability when riding, making a better fit that stops the sock from moving around during furious pedalling. Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.

There’s no doubt these socks are cool, with their unique design, catchy phrase and of course that awesome colour!


If you like your sock doping to be as unique as you, then check out Pacific and Co’s range of awesome socks!





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