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Intergalactic Pro Team Jersey by Biehler

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 8.5
Value for Money 8.5

The Pro Team Intergalactic jersey is a beautifully design jersey with a very unique print by German brand Biehler. With it’s unique intergalactic colours, high quality fabrics and performance, you might wonder why you haven’t bought one already.

PROS: We love the colourful design of this jersey with its lightweight, high performance fabrics.

CONS: Price may be too high for some.

Quality and Comfort

The fabric choice is exceptionally good on this jersey, showing how much quality and attention to detail has been put into creating this Pro Team Intergalactic jersey!

With a mix of different lightweight fabrics, similar to their Neo Classic range, you can see how much effort has been put into creating a very unique jersey for serious riders looking for the ultimate performer.

The jersey features a race cut design ‘constructed for pro race team position’, and it shows as you hit the drops and get down low.

Both the arms and waistband feature generous sized elasticated grippers which do a superb job at keeping everything in place. The waistband gripper and body length keep everything firmly in place while riding.

The fabric choice also provides maximum comfort against your skin. The body features a smooth material which is both comfortable and aero, while the arms feature a mesh design for maximum ventilation.

The three rear pockets have been reinforced and angled at either side to make access as easy as possible. Overall the jersey has many features which show off how much of a quality item this really is.

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In all riding situations, this jersey performs extremely well. In warmer temperatures, the jersey wicks away moisture very well and allows your body stay cool, no matter what effort you are putting in.

The Intergalactic Pro Team jersey is designed for those who like speed and who like to ride hard. It’s the perfect ‘go-to’ summer jersey for when you want to perform at your best, achieving those all important KOM’s and PR’s.

No matter how you ride, the Biehler range of jerseys provide you with maximum performance, comfort and reliability to keep you performing at your best.

We love the description of this jersey stating “The fully new constructed sleeves have the maximum length and the fastest, wind tunnel tested surface for best aerodynamic results. The ideal jersey for high tempo summer riding. Put it on and fight!” It’s certainly a jersey for those who like to push themselves to the limit!

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Size and Fit

The Biehler range of jerseys have a very unique shape to them with a high back to the low neckline and a low rear waistline, something we love about the Intergalactic Pro Team jersey!

The size on review is a small and fits true to size for an aerodynamic jersey. Small chest size fits 92 – 95cm. As you can see in the photographs, this is a very slim fitting jersey designed for performance and racing.

The jersey sits flat against your body and the arms sit firmly in place allowing you to ride without any distractions. We did feel that the fit of this was slightly different to their Neo Classic range around the chest and arm areas, but this may be just a one-off manufacturing issue, as their Podium jersey is a perfect fit all round.

The body length is very good, providing plenty of coverage for your rear as you ride, and allowing you to easily reach those three rear pockets while out on the road. The sleeve length on the Intergalactic Pro Team jersey is perfect, with a nice modern look as it sits just above your elbows.

There are no major loose areas of fabric to flap around while riding and the whole jersey fits extremely well in line with their sizing chart. If you want it to be a little more relaxed then size up!

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Value for Money

Priced at €130.00 (£115 / $150) the Intergalactic Pro Team jersey is a premium product with a price to match. The quality is what you would expect from cycling clothing associated with a German brand, it’s precision made with a lot of features for your money. The price may be too high for some, but we love the unique look of their jerseys and would recommend you consider their clothing based on the quality & performance… before the price.

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Final Verdict

The Intergalactic Pro Team jersey looks fantastic on the road, it stands out in it’s own uniqueness and performs every bit as good as it looks. Biehler are a superb brand providing some pretty impressive kit, we recommend you take a look at their kit and see for yourself.

Velo Insider Rating 9 0




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