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Juice Lubes Dirt Juice and Dirt Juice Super

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When your trusty steed is starting to look a little grubby or is suffering from neglect, it’s time to break out the cleaning kit and bring that ride back to its glory. First in the line up of a four part review, is Juice Lubes ‘Dirt Juice’ and ‘Dirt Juice Super’, two cleaning products in the first step to cleaning that filthy ride.

PROS: Big 1 litre bottles, decent value, Dirt Juice Super is the daddy!

CONS: We like Dirt Juice Super so much we might not see any need for the regular.

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Before we begin, let’s just make it clear that here at Velo Insider, a hose pipe rarely comes into contact with our road bikes as we keep them clean after every ride with good old baby wipes! We don’t like getting water in or around those precious bearings! However, every now and again you are going to suffer from muck beyond the humble baby wipe and the hose with inevitably need to come out for a quick once over.

Dirt Juice come in a 1 litre spray bottle designed to be used as a general cleaner for your average road dirt and grime. Simply wet the dirt with your hose before spraying Dirt Juice onto your frame and components, than agitate with a brush to loosen the dirt. Rinse the bike with a hose and repeat on any stubborn areas. We gave this a try on our matt finish Canyon Ultimate to see how well it would remove the dirt with minimal brushing. Overall it was very good at removing light road dust and dirt from the frame and components with little effort. After a quick rinse it left a clean streak free finish that brought the bike back to new.

We think this is a great ‘quick’ detailer that could even be used without water by simply spraying on and wiping off with a microfibre towel.

However if your bike is suffering from road grime and grease that require a little more oomph! then Juice Lubes Dirt Juice ‘Super’ is the cleaner for you. In fact we liked this so much that if we’re going to get the hose out we’d only use this and forget the regular Dirt Juice.

The grease and oil cutting qualities of this cleaner are superb. We carried out the same ritual of hose pipe to soften the dirt and then applied the Dirt Juice Super with a car detailing brush (good at preventing scratches). We tried this both neat & diluted and found both were very good at cleaning away the grime, however applying this un-diluted to components was amazing, the dirt literally just brushed away.  Even diluted the cleaner quickly cut through the grime and everything washed straight off with ease leaving a gleaming clean bike.

We really like the Dirt Juice Super being used on wheel rims and tyres which leaves a new finish to both. Yes they’re going to get dirty again but it’s nice to see clean black tyres before every ride!

So just to clarify… Dirt Juice is ready to spray and wash off, Dirt Juice Super is a concentrate which makes a whopping 10 Litres of cleaner or can be used undiluted for seriously stubborn grime.

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Final Verdict

These are both great products, but our favourite has to be Dirt Juice Super! Yes it might be a bit more expensive (£11.99 compared to £7.99 for standard Diry Juice) but considering it’s cleaning capabilities, this is a all-in-one cleaner that has the power to clean any dirt you come across.

Stay tuned for more in this four part review being released over the next few days!

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