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KoM Merino Jersey by Ashmei

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 8.0
Value for Money 8.5

Wool for the summer? In our minds that’s an equation that doesn’t always add up, yet Merino clothing is cooler than you think! The KOM jersey by Ashmei is a blended MERINO + CARBON which is 10 times faster wicking than normal Merino wool and dries twice as fast.

Scroll down to find out more about Ashmei and their ‘Be Cool in Wool’ campaign…

PROS: Superb cooling properties, lightweight fabrics, superb features.

CONS: Premium price tag may put some off.

Quality and Comfort

One of the noticeable features of this jersey is its quality, it feels more like a luxury clothing garment than cycling jersey which might have you reaching for the iron before you head out on your ride. Merino blend jerseys can often crease easily in our experience, so be sure to keep it on a hanger once it’s washed to stay crease free.

The quality is seen through the many features and design of the KOM jersey. The Merino/Carbon blended cloth is extremely comfortable with no itching… quite often the thought of wearing a wool blend jersey against your skin in sweltering heat makes you cringe at the thought of itching all day long, but that’s not the case with this merino KOM jersey which Ashmei have put a lot of development into. The stitching, seams and fabric choice are solidly built to last many years of long days in the saddle.

Wool + Heat = Stay Cool? It certainly does. Merino has the unique property of wicking away moisture faster than other fabrics. The KOM jersey is stated to be a Merino & Carbon blend which helps you stay cool while also offering a level of protection from the elements.

Overall the jersey feels very comfortable and sits well against your skin with no noticeable tight spots around the armpit areas or neckline.

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The Merino Carbon blend does a fantastic job at keeping you cool and dry during a mix of temperature ranges. Even in full sun over 20°C, you are left feeling fresh and dry, with and without a vest base layer. What’s especially impressive is it’s ability to also protect you when the temperature drops, keeping a certain level of wind resistance and warmth to your torso.

The lightweight design (just 168g!) also aids performance in providing a jersey which freely moves with you on your ride. Both in & out the saddle the KOM jersey is a good all round performer.

The three rear pockets provide more than enough room for your average storage needs and even feature a zipped security pocket for your valuables. The jersey features a whole host of features such as headphone channelling, zip protector for your neck, reflective detailing, silicone grip on the waistband, as well as trimmed edges to the pockets. It even provides sun protection of 50+

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a Small (Chest size: 33-36 inch) and my chest size is 35 inches. The fit of this jersey is very relaxed and personally I would choose to size down to keep an aero fit. The jersey feels a little too loose around the shoulders and chest, which is more apparent while riding as the fabric flaps against your skin. If you like a relaxed fit then stick to their size charts, if you like a slim aero fit then size down!

The body length is very generous with more than enough length to cover your rear, making the pockets easy enough to access while riding. The sleeves are an average length and sit well on the arms. The neck is a comfortable size and fits well without any tight areas.

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Value for Money

Merino is always more expensive than your traditional lycra fabric which often puts people off. The KOM jersey is priced at £129 and is certainly at a premium compared to other jerseys, however you get a premium jersey for the premium price. Considering the quality and features of this jersey, the price tag will be more than worth it to those who know how good merino is at keeping you cool and dry.

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Final Verdict

Merino is one of those fabrics everyone should try at least once, and it may even have you wearing nothing else in future! Ashmei have done a brilliant job at producing a unique jersey with the maximum amount of features, with total performance in mind. This is a superb summer/autumn jersey which will keep you riding in comfort no matter the ride.

Velo Insider Rating 8 9


Check out the Ashmei Be Cool in Wool campaign for more information: http://ashmei.com/becoolinwool/



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