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The brand has been established in Italy and represents the passion for collaborations between Italian researchers and international partners in Europe to ensure high quality control standards. Our creations are totally handcrafted by experts and their 30-year experience in the sector is our guarantee.

This not only has to do with sports, but with a lifestyle. It is something that is continually growing and is a constant, daily life companion. The passion and craze for all the “street cultures”, sports, and art-related disciplines that are part of our daily life has led us towards the birth of this adventure.

Photography, design, music and street art is what you will discover in following our lead. For us, passion and commitment for continual improvement are fundamental principles that are the founding values of our trademark, and help us to satisfy the needs of all our urban riders.

If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@koryyork.com





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