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The lightest quick release in the world? At 20g they might be!

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At only 20g for the pair, that’s right… 20g! These are certainly lighter than the majority of QR’s out there.

Most of us are more than familiar with the Lightweight name and their range of extraordinarily light products, but have we heard of Tune? Well that’s what we’re here for.

Made by German manufacturer Tune, the patented U20 is the world’s lightest quick release! Made from a variety of high quality materials, the carbon axles provide superior strength and lightness. With a no need to lubricate, as they’re lubricated by a patented anti-friction varnish, the engineering on the QR’s ensures they stay permanently fixed in place during riding. The anti-friction varnish also eliminates any need for oiling and preventing dirt build up while riding.

Tune manufacture a whole range of super bike level components and these U20 quick releases are definitely on our wish list!

Find out more at Tune >

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