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At Lions Nutrition we understand that daily struggles of life deter you from achieving goals you set for a healthy lifestyle & body transformation. So whether it’s muscle gains, weight loss, a leaner shredded physique, or a healthier lifestyle Lions Nutrition have the perfect meals for you.

No more prep, no more cooking, no more weekly shopping, and you will save money and time with Lions Nutrition.

Spend more time with your family and friends and doing the hobbies you enjoy while we at Lions Nutrition prepare and cook your meals to perfection. This allows you to save time that is spent shopping, preparing and cooking your meals, and money. We are the only meal prep company who uses customised ovens and char grill our meats – Healthy does not mean boring anymore! Everything we cook is fresh per order from vegetables to poultry. Also, we never cook from frozen, everything really is fresh and that’s what makes our food taste so good. We’re convinced that once you try our meals you’ll be hooked.

Taking the guesswork out of dieting

We can cater to your individual personalised nutrition plan or you can create your own meals with Lions Nutrition. We have 2 packages: Muscle building performance and Weight loss and shredded.

Muscle building package – Want to build lean muscle? Want to nourish your body with quality fresh nutrition? Our muscle building package is perfect whether you’re trying to put on weight or build muscle, with each meal averaging 42g protein and 50g carbs with a handful of fresh vegetables. With each meal containing essential nutrients, great tasting meals. With a massive wide range of flavours, meats, and carbohydrates…

Weight loss meals – Perfect if you want to lose weight. The same amount of protein as the muscle building package, but with only half the amount of complex carbohydrates, you will be shredding of fat faster then you think. Remember, you are what you eat!

With our packages you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating – just enjoy the great taste of our food and continue with your training.

No more excuses that your meals haven’t been prepped – that’s what Lions Nutrition is there for. Eat our food for a week and you’ll see and feel the difference for yourself! No more tasteless mass market produce, just healthy, fresh food which is cooked deliciously and comes in all your favourite flavours!

What the professionals eat!

We supply meals to a number of high-profile athletes such as Martyn Ford, Lewis Yates and Claudia Sandford. Our meals help save them time and money whilst also supplying them with the energy and nutrients they need in the professional fitness industry. The results speak for themselves: if it’s good enough for our athletes you need to decide if it’s good enough for you!



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