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Long Sleeve Jersey in Sulphur Spring 2.0 by Isadore Apparel

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With autumn and winter well underway, we put the new Long Sleeve jersey 2.0 by Isadore Apparel to the test to see how warm their merino bi-component material really is.

Size is a Medium and colour is ‘Sulphur Spring’.

PROS: Superb quality fabric, good sleeve length, great three season jersey

CONS: Not warm enough for near freezing temperatures

Quality and Comfort

As soon as you slide open that beautiful box, you get to see that beaming bright ‘Sulphur Spring’ yellow gleaming at you. The quality of Isadore Apparel’s garments is second to none, with a superb quality feel in your hands.

The jersey features some very nice manufacturing, with high quality features. The merino bi-component fabric is a nice choice for a three season jersey, as it provides good quality, comfort and performance all in one. Everything about this jersey has a quality feel to it, such as the full length zip, silicone waistline, neck protector, reinforced rear pockets and much more…

The stitching is solid and should provide many years of warm winter riding. The three rear pockets are easy to access, and you even get a zipped security pocket which is quick and easy to use.

Thanks to the soft feel of the fabric, comfort is very good with plenty of stretch and flexibility to the fabric. It’s breathability also keeps your body nice and dry, which adds to the warmth properties of this winter jersey.

While out riding we did not notice any discomfort or tight areas of fabric, although this might also be due to the size on review.

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The jersey performs extremely well in cold weather of temperatures around 5-12°C. However, once the temperature drops to near freezing you’re going to need to pair this with a good quality merino baselayer to stay warm. In temperatures near 10°C you can get away with just a good quality mesh vest to provide enough warmth and comfort for colder rides.

Once the temperature really drops to zero, it becomes a great mid layer jersey for wearing underneath a windproof or waterproof jacket.

In high tempo rides, the merino blended material does a good job of ventilating all your body moisture away from your skin and keeps you fairly dry during high intensity rides.

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a Medium which we found to be a little too big. Their description states this is a slim cut jersey, which is true, however their sizing is a little too relaxed for my preference. The medium is for a 88-94cm chest and felt a little too big for my 92cm chest, so size down if you want a slim aero fit. As you can see in the photographs, the arms and shoulders have more than enough room in them to size down and stay comfortable.

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Value for Money

Priced at £130 GBP, this Long Sleeve 2.0 jersey is fairly priced considering it’s a merino blend and not 100%. You get some fantastic features, such as the full length zip, neck protector, three large rear pockets, zipped security pocket, nifty inside pocket and silicone waistline gripper.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a great all-rounder for cold weather riding then the Long Sleeve Jersey 2.0 by Isadore Apparel is a good choice. Even if you have to pair it with a merino baselayer for colder rides, you get a great looking jersey for your money!


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100% Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer by Isadore Apparel



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