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When someone thinks about cycling they usually think about the winners

In the giro d’italia the most famous is the pink jersey, the leader in the classification. But the cyclists who reach the finish line in such a hard, long and tiring competition are many more than the few winners.

To be able to do more than 3000 km in 21 days is something that only people with a true passion can do. People who are not only athletes but who give everything they’ve got to reach their goal: to reach the end of the giro in a determined amount of time. From this concept comes the name of  black jersey (maglia nera) to honor and respect the last athlete of the classification, the one who takes more time than the others to cross the finish line, but who reaches an important goal all the same because he still has to respect the maximum time limit which is calculated based on the time the first ones arrive. Who better than the last in ranking can represent the passion for such a tough sport? We always talk about unknown athletes, especially to the masses, that have reached a great goal: the one of being able to say they have finished the giro, even if without prizes of other sorts.

It seems that the black jersey was chosen to represent the last cyclist because of giuseppe ticozzelli, a soccer player more than a cyclist, but who in 1926 decided to take part to the giro considering his great passion for cycling and his friendship with a cyclist named girardegno. Ticozzelli’s approach was very particular and unorthodox. There are people who say he would arrive in cab two minutes before the race would start, that he would race ahead frenetically and then he would wait in a tavern for the group he had passed while eating and drinking. He was only able to conclude only three stages because of an accident which forced him to retire. Since he was not part of any team he took part in the competition wearing a jersey that was the one of the soccer team he played for those years: the casale.

​the jersey was black and this is what  inspired the black jersey at the giro. The official black jersey and prize was in place only from 1946 to 1951 but in those years some athletes would do anything to win it such as hiding in hay stacks and getting flat tires on purpose. Since the prize had been created to congratulate the last cyclist to arrive and with a totally different spirit than what was being done, it was decided to eliminate it.

​the term began to be used in everyday vocabulary to represent the last one in the classifications but seen as something negative which was not how it was supposed to be.

​in sport the champions are always remembered. But we need to consider that often the winners owe a lot of their victories to their teammates, who work to reach the same goal which is to make their captain win and not look at personal gains.

The brand is for all those who do sports and train with passion, not to arrive first or to win prizes but who just want to be able to say they do it for passion.







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