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As a result of the rapid growth of the brand  “La Bicicleta Café Castellón”  and seeing how our customers often demanded the possibility of seeing, touching and testing our products, we embarked on this new adventure called  “Maillot Noir”.

The intention was not to open a traditional bike shop, or a place where you only found clothes and accessories for cycling. The concept of “Vélo-boutique” perfectly defines our initial idea. An elegant and comfortable store, a space where you can find an infinity of garments and accessories that seem unique to you. Fashion and cycling do not have to go different ways, and our challenge is to get our logo on any item of clothing to give you a touch of elegance and exclusivity. All this is complemented by other prestigious brands that bring distinction and glamor to “Maillot Noir”.

In the mid-twentieth century, and for several editions, the Giro d’Italia, one of the most historic cycling events in the world, delivered a jersey or black jersey to the last cyclist in the general classification, which distinguished him perfectly in the peloton. This fact, which disappeared after a few years, seemed interesting to us and we wanted to rescue it from oblivion by calling our store black jersey. Why in French? Because cycling has had its cradle in France and today the “Grande Boucle” (Tour de France) remains the most important cycling event in the world. If we add to all this that our first corporate jersey was black, we think there are plenty of reasons to understand why we call our store “Maillot Noir”.

Humbly and with daily work, we try to always be at the height that our clients demand.




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