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Mavic Comete Ultimate Shoes for just? £900?

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We think these shoes look amazing, with the exoskeleton carbon design, there’s little not to like with these carbon shoes apart from the price tag… £900.00! That’s right, you might have to take out a mortgage to buy them, but considering the price of some top end bikes, these shoes may just be the next thing you need on your wish list! Mavic call them “A racing shoe with the best power transfer and closest connection with the bike ever seen in cycling footwear”. Looking at the carbon frame & sole, it would seem this is a shoe for every pro sprinter out there!

Mavic Information ~

The Energy Shell Carbon offers 360° power transfer and transmits all the energy delivered by the racer to the bike – a game changer in cycling shoe construction. Bio-position is optimized with a very low stack height (4.5mm), delivering an incredible connection with the machine. Carbon material produces the same stiffness and performance from the first kilometer to the last.

Two Mavic Ergo Dials provide two-way micro adjustment for optimal fit and support. The Smart Release function added to the Mavic Ergo Dial makes the shoe easy and quick to open. Soft internal fabric on strategic parts of the foot delivers an adaptable fit on the top of the shoe.

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