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There are plenty of companies you can buy cycle clothing from but none are like us. We combine the range breadth of a large international with the creative inventiveness of a small company. We’re designers, so create new Collections every six months, and cyclists, so introduce exciting products every year. We’re not a Road brand. We’re not an MTB brand. We’re a cycling brand. We ride all types of bikes, always have done, so our ethos encourages diversity, starting from one corner of the bike world and spreading out to explore the others. Morvélo products are suited to them all.

Our designs combine bike culture with pop culture, exploring themes that run through the cycling world and combine them with the wider influence of sport, art, music, fashion and film to create products that are not only highly technical and performance driven but also visually unique.

We’re serious about our passion for cycling but importantly don’t take ourselves seriously. We believe cycling should be (and is in our view) fun, vibrant, creative and exciting. We’re not about suffering. We’re not about machismo. We’re about good times on two wheels and following your own path.

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A serious hex key set for serious mechanics made by Silca

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